Easter Gift Ideas

Along with Easter comes the start of the spring season, and it is a great way to welcome in warmer weather and the season of new life! While there may not be as much of a focus on gifts at Easter compared to Christmas, it is still very common to get Easter gifts for friends and family- especially for all the young ones in the family! Easter baskets are a major tradition for many families, each filled with unique gifts and sweet treats to be enjoyed at Easter and for several days after! Are you looking for some unique Easter gift ideas for this year? Check out our gift guide for a complete list of perfect Easter ideas for everyone that happens to be on your gift list! Chocolate is a great idea, but this year, think outside the box and give something a little different!

10 Things to Consider When Buying an Easter Gift

In search of the perfect Easter gift? Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind while you shop and you will be sure to end up with the best gifts!

1. Respect someone’s religious beliefs

If you are shopping for someone who is not religious, don’t make them potentially uncomfortable by giving them a religious gift. There is nothing wrong with religious gifts, they are wonderful, just be sure to share them with your religious friends and family who are sure to appreciate them!

2. Upgrade Easter baskets

Do your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews go on an Easter hunt each year? If so - they need a good basket to catch all their eggs! A great gift idea is to each get them their own nice basket that they can use year after year.

You can even step it up a notch by getting their names added to them! Perfect for remembering whose is whose, and it also makes the gift that much more special!

3. Head outdoors

Once Easter rolls around the temperature outside is finally getting nicer. A great gift idea is something to encourage getting outdoors! A new game, a bicycle, soccer ball, or other similar gift is a great way to start off the season of warmer weather and days spent outside.

4. The adult gift basket

Who said Easter baskets have to only be for children? Why not consider having some fun making adult gift baskets for all the adults in the family? We think a wine and cheese basket would make for a great gift- don’t you? Just make sure you keep your adult and children baskets clearly marked and separate!

5. Encourage spending time together

The best way to do this? With a joint gift! Why not get a gift for the entire family that way they all have something they can enjoy together for Easter. A new board game or deck of cards can help encourage spending time together doing something other than just staring at a TV or smartphone!

6. Shop for the perfect Easter outfit

For many, Easter day is the day to get dressed up in a nice outfit to either go to church or attend a family event. A great gift idea is to get someone a new outfit (or part of an outfit) that they can wear on Easter!

A nice new dress, hat, or button-down shirt makes for a great gift that they can use right away! Plus, this is a great idea for both adults and children!

7. Help record the memories

Yes, everyone has a smartphone, but we all know our pictures just end up sitting in our camera roll and that is it! Are you shopping for someone that loves taking pictures on Easter? A great gift idea is either a Polaroid camera or a printing device that allows you to print photos from your phone.

Their memories will no longer be confined to their smartphone- they can now have print copies that they can display or share with friends and family!

8. Go back in time

No, we don’t mean literally! We think it is a great idea to dig up an old photo from years ago and have it blown up to give as a gift this year. This is great if you are shopping for a family with children who are growing up- try to find a picture from when they were little! Everyone will love looking back and reminiscing.

9. Get creative with sweets

If you do want to give something sweet as a gift (and we don’t blame you!) why not go with something a bit more unique than just a chocolate egg? You can either create your own Easter Bunny cake (for example), or come up with some individual sweet treats- say cake pops in the shape of carrots, or little bird nest cupcakes!

10. Give the gift of decor

Most families have plenty of Christmas decorations, but we find a lot don’t have a lot of Easter ones! A great gift idea is to give someone some Easter (or spring) decor that they can put up and enjoy each year.

This could be a sweet spring wreath for the front door, inside decorations, or even yard decorations- who wouldn’t want a giant Easter Bunny?

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A Wide Selection of Easter Gifts!

Easter is a favorite holiday for many, from both a religious perspective and given the time of year that it falls. Springtime marks the season of new life and ushers in warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and so much more!

The Easter season is certainly one to celebrate, and for many a celebration is not complete without a gift! While gifts aren’t the most important part of the holiday, they are a thoughtful touch to have to share with friends and family.

Do you exchange gifts with your family on Easter? Some people exchange gifts with everyone, while others simply create nice gifts for the children in the family (complete with an Easter egg hunt of course!) No matter which of those situations you fall in, you are likely looking for a gift for someone. If you have run out of ideas on what to get, you have come to the right place!

Traditional Gifts included

There are several traditions when it comes to Easter gifts - and most of them involve sweet treats. Candy eggs and other sweets dominate the Easter gift world, and there is nothing wrong with that! However, if you want to do something different this year (or if you at least want to give something in addition to candy), we have come up with this gift guide to help you out!

Our gift guide is filled with perfect Easter gifts. Our team thought of everything to come up with a complete list. We have gifts for children as well as adults, and also have ideas ranging from a variety of price points. No matter what your budget is, you can find a unique gift to give this Easter to anyone you might be shopping for!

Perhaps you are doing an Easter gift exchange at work (hmm, maybe instead of Secret Santa it should be a Secret Easter Bunny?) If you aren’t sure who you are shopping for, or if it is a coworker you don’t know well, this guide can also help you come up with the perfect gift!

Think Outside the Box with Our Gift Guides

Easter is a favorite holiday for many, and with good reason! If you are a practicing Christian the day has profound religious meaning and importance to you and is a time to rejoice with friends and family. If you are not particularly religious, there is still much to be enjoyed during this time of year.

No matter who you are shopping for, you can come up with the perfect Easter gift for them by checking out our gift guide. Think outside the (gift) box this year and give something more than candy eggs! There are sure to be plenty of sweets enjoyed during

Easter regardless, so why not give something a little more unique this year? You don’t have to come up with the idea - we are here to help! Look through our guide and see what you find- we are confident you’ll find some great ideas in no time at all for everyone on your list! Start shopping today!