Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 Set with Refill Leads & Erasers

Do you have an engineer in your life, a designer or someone whose life involves lots of sketching? Whether it’s their profession or a hobby, the Pentel premium gift set that comes with different mechanical pencils, refill leads and erasers will be one of the most fitting practical gifts you will ever give them.

The mechanical pencil is designed for excellent performance and maximum delivery. It is a superior drafting pencil most suitable for draftsmen, engineers, architects, artists, and pencil enthusiast. The set will certainly become an indispensable tool in their day to day activity, and the giftee will certainly appreciate the gift for its unparalleled quality and functionality.

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Detailed information about Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 Set with Refill Leads & Erasers

The set comes with four mechanical pencils for different line sizes which include 03mm, 05mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm. It features a 4mm tip length which is perfectly suitable when using rulers and templates. It is easy to handle, writes smoothly and its absolutely comfortable to use.

In addition, these pencils featured a metallic grip, perfectly and finely chiseled inlaid with soft, latex-free pads. This gives it a fantastic grip making it quite comfortable to write with even for extended hours.

No hassles of sharpening the pencil. It is preloaded with Pentel super Hi-polymer HB lead. As expected, it is reliably strong and will always produce super clear dark lines. Even better, the pencils are color-coded according to sizes to make it easy and fast to identify the lead size. The built-in lead hardness also makes it pretty easy to know the lead type.


Quality mechanical pencils ideal for writing, sketching, drawing, etc.

It has a fantastic grip and its comfortable in the hand

Equipped with dual action retractor mechanism

Pentel is an award-winning company for the highest quality products