Moco Art 4 Panels Canvas

Giclee Canvas Prints are high definition prints using high-grade oily ink and are waterproof and UV resistant. The color is especially vibrant and lustrous and will last for a very long time. The Four Panel Canvas Wall Art prints from Moco Art feature four seasons landscape tree paintings printed onto stretched and framed canvas panels.

The prints are ideal to be hung next to each other either as a 2 x 2 square or as a 4 x 1 line vertically or horizontally. There are eleven different styles on offer for you to choose from ranging from one panel of a tree depicting all four seasons on one tree, to the four seasons in four different panels, to four seasons panels with black frames and many other variations, but all very attractive.

If you have someone in the family or your circle of friends who is an art or nature lover and will appreciate these Giclee prints then consider buying one of these eleven different styles as a gift for them.

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Detailed information about Moco Art 4 Panels Canvas

Each print is on stretched canvas over a wooden frame, some with a black external frame and some without.

The set of prints will be ideal for a living room, dining room, office, bedroom, hotel room, bar or restaurant. Anywhere where it is appropriate to hang these types of prints will be markedly improved. The subjects of the prints also help to promote relaxation and reflection and will look great inside a meditation room.


The Giclee prints are very high definition and made using vivid and waterproof colored inks

Each canvas print is stretched across kiln dried wooden frames, guaranteed not to twist, split or move

Item is packed together with stainless steel nails and hooks ready to be hung

Each print is shipped, wrapped in plastic to keep out the moisture and a cardboard carton to prevent physical damage

The company offers 100% refund guarantee if you are not happy with the product