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Retro Photo An Obsession

In the days before digital photography and printing, we had analog cameras that were so much more complicated to use than the simple automatic focus and such like, found in the modern cameras of today.

Retro analog cameras required the photographer to be a combination of artist, physicist, and chemist. An artist that could distinguish the colors and light intensities needed for the perfect composition; a physicist who understood the science of optics and could calculate focal lengths; and finally a chemist who knew about the chemicals present in the photographic film, which chemicals were needed to develop the images and how to transfer the images from the negative to the photographic paper.

It was indeed a hobby completely different from that using modern digital cameras and digital printers. It was little wonder that the practice of photography, either as an occupation or as a hobby was the domain of the more educated person who had the money and the time available to learn and practice the skill.

The hardcover book ‘Retro Photo An Obsession: A Personal Selection of Vintage Cameras and the Photographs They Take’ written and illustrated by David Ellwand is the personal exploration of the science and art of analog photography.

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It is obvious from his enthusiasm and interest that this is a subject he truly loves. He journeys through the history of photography, stopping every now and again to highlight iconic cameras and practices of the era.

This is a great guide to vintage and retro cameras and will appeal to anyone who loves photography. Old style photography always seemed very difficult to do and for this reason, many people tended to be frightened of even trying.

At last, here is a book that removes the fear from vintage cameras and replaces it with fun and enthusiasm.


A lovely book showing the history of photography from early plate photographic cameras to more modern Instamatics

A beautiful piece to place on your coffee table

For the beginner and expert photographer