Assorted Stick Twig Colored Outdoor Wooden Pencils

Most people like to draw or write with a pencil and when the pencil is in a rustic style like these set from BSIRI then it is really difficult to prise them out of the hand, especially if it is kids that are using them.

These sets of twelve pencils are actually made from straight pieces of twig pre-sharpened with the graphite inserted into the end. The assortment comprises of 2 x black graphite pencils, and then one each of a range of colors. The pencils are really satisfying to hold and use, much more tactile than regular commercially made pencils.

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Detailed information about Assorted Stick Twig Colored Outdoor Wooden Pencils

Unlike commercially made pencils, however, the graphite (whether it is black or colored) is just pushed into the end of the pencil and the length varies but does not go all the way through the wood.

Usually, the graphite is about 2” long (sometimes less). Having said that, these pencils are lovely to use and the kids absolutely adore them. It is always useful to have one of these pencils scattered at various locations around the home because you never know when someone needs to write something down and make a note about something. Unlike commercial pencils, these will be difficult to lose under newspapers or on the floor under a chair.

They are so useful and are really well suited for outdoor activities with groups such as scouts, summer camp, treasure hunts, camping parties, and hunting trips. They are even good to give away as a birthday party and wedding favors. Each pencil is made from a real wooden twig so none of them is exactly the same as any other.


The whole set of rustic pencils are made from twigs with graphite pushed into the end

There are two black graphite pencils and ten assorted colours in each set


It is a pity that the graphite does not run through the whole length of the twig