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Kirschen 3441000 – 11 Piece Carving Tools In Wood Box

We believe that it is a known fact that artists see the world differently than all of us. Their imaginative and creative way of conveying their truths, emotions, and life by way of canvas, paint, pencil, sculpture, music and other mediums is definitely inspiring and interesting, to say the least.

And because artists are also known to dabble in different mediums to further express themselves, they are known to be free and not confined in a box.

The same goes for gifting something for these talented individuals – not all gifts are made equal and is not a one size fits all, so you really need to think about what you want to give them.

Most of the time they do not really have a need for expensive gifts and would rather be given an item they could make something with. With that in mind, we believe they will enjoy this 11 piece carving tools complete with a wooden box by Kirschen.

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Detailed information about Kirschen 3441000 – 11 Piece Carving Tools In Wood Box

This high-quality set contains tools of different shapes and sizes perfect for sculpting their new work of art. One tool is good for carving out bigger chunks, while another may be great for intricate detailing.

Whatever it is they have in mind, they can definitely achieve it with the use of these different knives. The kit includes a skew,  v-tool, gouges and even a sharpening stone for when one needs it.

What’s more, the wooden handles make it easier to hold and carve with.


High quality, German-made tools

Comes in a wooden box to house the tools when not in use


A little expensive