Experience Gift Ideas

What could be better than giving the gift of an experience? While there is nothing wrong with giving someone a physical gift, sometimes it is nice to instead give an experience that will create a memory that will last a lifetime! In the fast-paced technology driven world we live, it is nice to take a step back and just live in the moment - and you can accomplish that with a perfect experience gift! Whether it is something relaxing, or something more adventurous for the thrill seeker in your life, there are so many great, unique options to get for anyone on your gift list! A parent, spouse, child, or best friend, you can find them all the perfect experience gift. If you have run out of ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Our gift guide is filled with perfect experience gifts- check them out now!

10 Things to Consider When Searching for an Experience Gift Idea

On the hunt for the perfect experience gift for a friend or family member? Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind as you shop and you’ll think of the perfect idea in no time!

1. Determine a budget

This is important! Experience gifts can get pricey, especially if you are thinking about planning something for multiple people. Make sure you have a budget in mind before you start planning so that you can be sure to stay on track.

2. Consider their interests

What does the person you are shopping for like to do? Are they adventurous? Do they enjoy music? Cooking? Painting? Cars? Consider their main interest or hobby and use that for inspiration for the perfect experience gift! You know it is something they are sure to love and enjoy.

3. Challenge them to try something new

Another angle to consider when shopping for the perfect experience gift is to get the person to try something new! Do you know someone who always plays it pretty safe? Now is the chance to push them out of their comfort zone. Maybe don’t push them too much, but consider nudging them to try something new- they might just like it!

4. Make sure it is age appropriate

While we know you wouldn’t book a wine tasting for a 13 year old, the truth is there are plenty of experiences out there that might have an age limit attached!

Always make sure you double check before booking if you are shopping for anyone under the age of 18. Better safe than sorry! Is there anything worse than giving a gift to someone only to find out they can’t enjoy it? Yikes- we don’t think so!

5. Keep it simple

Depending on your budget or location, keep in mind you can always keep things simple. Perhaps a gift certificate to a restaurant or a movie theater, for example.

This is still a wonderful gift and a great gesture- especially if you’ll be with them to enjoy it!

6. Help them learn something

That might sound like a terrible gift idea, but it isn’t! Is there a certain skill your spouse, or child, has been dying to master? Get them the gift of lessons for it! This is a great gift that they will enjoy and can apply to their future as well!

7. Think vintage

Normally a tip when purchasing a physical gift, but it can apply to experience gifts as well! Remember those coupon books you would make as a kid? Promising mom and dad to clean your room, or do the chores around the house?

They can still make for a great gift, with just a little updating! This can be a great, fun way to plan out some fun activities say with your kids or your spouse. Just make sure you are willing to follow up on whatever you include. Does one ticket say you’ll take your kids out for ice cream whenever they want? Be prepared to deliver!

8. Give the gift of free time

Are you shopping for a busy mom? New parents? The one thing they do not have any of is free time. Why not give them the gift of that! Offer to babysit their child one night for example so that they can get out and enjoy some time alone. Trust us- this is a gift they will absolutely love, and it doesn’t require much planning on your part!

9. Be romantic

If you are shopping for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, this is a great opportunity to be romantic!

Plan a romantic dinner, spa night, or weekend getaway. No matter your budget, you can plan something sweet that your partner will love and appreciate. Perfect as a Valentine’s Day or Anniversary gift!

10. DIY it

Yes, you can DIY your own experience gift! This could mean setting up a picnic in the park, an at-home spa experience, mani and pedi night, movie night, or wine and cheese tasting! And that is just to name a few! If you are on a more limited budget, this is a great way to make a big impact with your gift without breaking the bank.

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Experience Gifts - Lifetime Gifts

Think back on some of your favorite memories - perhaps from your childhood, or from college, or as a newlywed. What sticks out? We’d be willing to guess it is memories from excellent experiences you had! Physical gifts are great, but the gift of an experience can truly last for a lifetime. If you are shopping for someone who prefers to spend their time and money on experiences rather than just things, getting them an experience gift is an excellent idea!

Experience gifts are also excellent if you are shopping for groups of people. Perhaps you need something for your coworkers, sorority sisters, or even for your family! Instead of trying to think up a bunch of items that they may or may not like, why not get everyone together to enjoy an unforgettable experience?

Experience Gift Ideas for All People

Thankfully, there are so many levels when it comes to experience gifts. The sky may be the limit, but you don’t have to shoot that high if you aren’t able to. No matter your budget, you can come up with a unique experience gift that anyone will love and appreciate.

This could be as simple as a picnic in the park planned by you, or as extravagant as a weekend getaway to a private island, or the chance to test drive a fancy sports car. No matter a person’s interests, you can figure out a memorable experience to give them!

We love the idea of giving the gift of an experience, as it is not only a thoughtful gift, it can oftentimes allow you to build a deeper bond with whomever you give the gift to.

If you are unsure what your options are when it comes to experience gifts, you have come to the right place! We have come up with all sorts of ideas to fit various interests, age groups, and budgets. No matter who you are shopping for, you are sure to find something here that will be perfect for them.

Browse Our Fantastic List of Experience Gifts!

This year, why not break the norm with your gift and get your friends and family something totally different? In an effort to get back to living in the moment, this is a great way to make that happen! You could even take it one step further and say no cell phones allowed (although you might get some push back on that!) In any case, you are sure to provide wonderful memories for everyone involved- whether you give the gift for someone to enjoy, or take part in enjoying it with them.

If there is a birthday, special occasion, or holiday coming up, it is time to start brainstorming! Check out our list of experience gifts and see what you find. We are sure you’ll be booking the perfect experience in no time at all. Don’t wait- start looking today!