Finish This Book by Keri Smith: Children & Young Adults

Finish This Book is a creative masterpiece written by author Keri Smith. It is a truly individual work that gets young people engaged in writing and learning as they solve puzzles in order to complete writing the book. According to the author, the idea for this book started when she found some random pages floating around at a local park which she later collected to compile a story. This book is a perfect gift for any age, especially for kids. It will spark anyone’s brain into a creative outburst of writing.

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Detailed information about Finish This Book by Keri Smith: Children & Young Adults

As a conceptual artist, Keri Smith managed to capture the essence of what it means to be creative. She decided to transform this into a book that will lead to great interaction between what is said and what is to be said by any individual in the future. This is the perfect gift as it will stimulate anyone's mind into becoming more creative with depth and imagination.