LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet

With all the technology out there nowadays, it seems like all kids want, are tablets and smartphones instead of actual toys. Giving your child an iPad especially to one that is younger than 9  may not be the smartest option. Not only is an iPad expensive, but at that age, it isn’t good for kids to be spending tons of time on electronics. One other aspect is that iPads usually are not designed for educational purposes. Why not just get a tablet for your child that is made for kids in mind, and is also educational? We here at That Sweet Gift have found just that! We now introduce to you the LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet.

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Detailed information about LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet

The LeapPad Platinum learning tablet is not your ordinary tablet. One thing for sure is that this is specifically made for kids in mind and made to teach them everything they need to know through educational activities and games. Specifically, this LeapPad has a 7’’ touch capacity screen that has a 1024x600 resolution, a strong processor, has 8GB of memory, over 5 hours of battery life, 2 cameras including video recording capabilities. It is Wi-Fi capable with a built-in safe web browser for kids called LeapSearch. Each thing on the kid safe web is reviewed by professionals and everything listed is educational.

This LeapPad also comes with 10 unique apps, 6 leapfrog Imagicards, and 1 mini game. Unlike most tablets, this is designed especially for kids. The screen is completely shatter-safe as well. The LeapPad has a built-in lithium ion battery which needs to be charged up before play. You receive the LeapPad Platinum Learning tablet, a USB cord for charging, an AC adapter, the 6 game cards, and then lastly a parent guide.