Soccer Field – Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

Looking for a gift that is challenging and fun for the entire family? This Soccer Field – Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser is a classic and perfect gift for a soccer-loving family or team. It is the perfect size (5 inches by 4 inches by 1.25 inches) for traveling and easy storage and even comes with a protective cover for safe keeping. This is a puzzle that is sure to keep the entire family entertained or even a team for when they are on breaks at a tournament or travelling to compete. This is a challenging wooden puzzle with nine different solutions. The solutions can be reached in as few as 18 moves or as many as 101 moves.


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Detailed information about Soccer Field – Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

This is actually a classic game that was originally made in the 1930’s, so it has definitely been out there for a while. As there are small pieces, there is a choking hazard for children under three years old and the manufacturer recommends children being at least ten years old before playing with the puzzleThe point of the game is to organize the pieces around so that the small ball (which is located in the big piece that looks like a soccer ball) goes to the bottom center at which point the small ball will roll through a hole and pop out in front of the game. There are so many ways to solve this puzzle that there is no way you'll get bored.