Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

It’s a difficult age when it comes to parenting, and also a difficult age when it comes to buying gifts for  12-year-old boys! The 12-year-old boy - totally rambunctious, not a child anymore, certainly not an adult, they are at that in-between age that makes shopping feel impossible. Are you shopping for your child, grandchild, or nephew? Has he reached the age of 12 and you no longer know what to buy for him? You aren’t alone, but we are here to help! Our gift guide is filled with all sorts of toys, games, and more than any 12-year-old boy would absolutely love. If he’s got a birthday coming up, or if it’s the holidays, check out our list and see what you find. Gift buying will be a breeze this year, we guarantee it! Make it his best year yet with the perfect gift- start shopping today!

10 Things to Consider When Buying Gifts for a 12-Year-Old Boys

1. Make sure it is age-appropriate

And that goes for both directions! 12 years old is certainly tricky, you don’t want to get a gift that is too young for him or something that is too mature.

Make sure you do some research and check that it’s perfect for someone who is 12.

2. Encourage physical activity

It used to be that kids would run around constantly, but now thanks to technology, that has totally changed!

We recommend trying to find a gift that will encourage the 12-year-old to move around and stay active - it can still be totally fun, but it will also be good for both his physical and mental health!

3. Try to stay away from technology

Similar to our previous tip, try not to rely on technology too much when planning your gifts for 12-year-old boys.

While technology is great, and there are certainly plenty of cool gifts to consider, age 12 is still fairly young and you should want to try and hold off on the use of tons of technology for as long as you possibly can.

If you do go with a tech gift, make sure it is one where they are at least moving around and active, or is challenging them to think and explore.

4. Engage his brain

The thought of an educational gift may sound like a terrible idea (especially if you were to ask the 12-year-old), but in truth, there are plenty of great exciting gift ideas out there that are more educational in nature without sacrificing any fun!

Your son or grandson can enjoy learning about science or math or technology or medicine (just to name a few) but he’ll just think he’s playing a game!

5. Consult first with his parents

This applies if you are not in fact the parent!

It is always a good idea to run a gift idea by the parents, just to make sure that it is something that they are okay with their child having, and to of course make sure that you aren’t buying him something that he already has.

Better safe than sorry!

6. Encourage his hobby

What does he like to do after school or on weekends? Is he really active? Is he interested in science?Does he like a TV show such as Games of Thrones or Stranger Things?

Use what he is already interested in as inspiration for your gift to encourage him to keep at it!

7. Think group activities

It is easy to become anti-social thanks to social media (yes, it is very ironic that something called social media is causing antisocial behavior!).

In any case, the age of 12 is an interesting one where kids are starting to spend more and more time online, and it can cause issues with forming face to face relationships.

Encourage social interactions by getting him a gift that he can use with his friends to give him the perfect excuse/opportunity to meet up with them and spend time together!

8. Think humorous

Of course, you need to stay appropriate, but 12-year-old boys love to laugh, and getting them a funny gift is a great gift idea.

From a t-shirt with a funny saying to a joke book, there are plenty of options that will have him laughing, and the gift of laughter is never a bad idea!

9. Push him out of his comfort zone

Consider forcing him to try something new by getting him a totally unexpected gift!

You don’t have to go too ‘crazy’ but consider this a great opportunity to start teaching him that trying new things is a good thing and can result in new friends, new interests, and so much more.

From tickets for a concert to taking him to science museums or a camping trip related gift, there is sure something that will catch his attention!

10. Give the gift of an experience

You can’t go wrong with getting him tickets to a sporting event or to go play at his favorite arcade or theme park, for example.

Best of all, you can go with him and use the experience gift as an excuse to spend time together and bond!

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Nailing Gifts for a 12-Year-Old Boys!

You aren’t a child anymore, but you’re not quite a teenager, being the age of 12 quite honestly is a weird age!

Right in the middle of two major parts of life (being a kid and being a teenager), this is a period of time marked by a lot of changes, and it isn’t always fun!

Do you know someone who is 12 or is turning 12? Getting them the perfect boy gift can help turn their mood around, and we all know, that isn’t always easy when it comes to kids this age!

You may remember being 12, but that doesn’t mean you know what the perfect gift is.

Things have changed and it can feel impossible to keep up with what kids are doing and are interested in anymore.

Does that sound like you? We totally understand, and we are here to help!

We Are the Gift Specialists!

Don’t worry about not knowing what 12-year-olds think are cool. Leave that to us.

Our talented team has curated this perfect gift guide that has all sorts of fun gift ideas that any 12-year-old boy would love.

From interesting science projects to sports equipment, video games, and so much more, we know what these kids want, and we are sharing our knowledge with you!

If you are concerned you won’t come up with the right thing, you’ve come to the right place.

Our gift guide for 12-year-old boys has got you covered.

Start Browsing Today

12-year-olds are still young enough to enjoy getting outside and playing, but they are also old enough to start being interested in other things as well! This is a great age where they are really starting to develop their personality and discover what they enjoy in life - and a great gift can help them to learn even more!

Whether it's sports, reading and books, technology, or anything else, you can help them discover their passion with the right gift!

If your son, grandson, or nephew’s birthday or other special event is coming up, it’s time to start searching!