Merge Cube

Virtual Reality is all the rage these days. More and more people are buying VR headsets and machines, as well as more and more companies are starting to jump the gun on it. Even though it is so popular, did you know there is actually another type of alternate reality that is slowing becoming popular as well? There are 2 types of reality; the virtual and then the augmented. Augmented Reality is now slowly becoming more and more popular. What is it exactly? Well, virtual reality brings us into the virtual world; the world that simply does not exist in the physical, but in our imaginations. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, brings the ‘virtual world’ into our world by combining the physical with the virtual. Speaking of the augmented world, one company, in particular, has created something truly amazing which we would love to show you now. We here at That Sweet Gift now want to present to you the Merge Cube!


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Detailed information about Merge Cube

So, what is the Merge Cube? Well, the Merge Cube is the first fully holographic toy you can play with right in your hands. On the outside, it looks like some normal physical cube with some weird designs on it. The magic happens once you ‘activate’ it with your smartphone or tablet. Once you place it under your device and you have the app open, your cube will then transform right before your very eyes into maybe say a castle, or maybe it is a box of fireworks in which you can touch and shoot off. The options you can choose from are amazing! Now, that is not the only thing you can do with the cube. Within the app, you can download said ‘apps’ for the cube which are other augmented places or even a game you can play. If you have never experienced augmented reality, then do not expect the cube to just transform without the app. That is nearly impossible to do and would cost a fortune to buy. With the app, it transforms your cube through your screen of your device into something that looks real in the physical world, but it simply is not. Either way, it is still a very cool toy that will keep you playing with and wanting more of more hours!