5 Second Rule: A Party And Family Game

5 Second Rule is a hilarious game in which everyone takes turns selecting a card, flipping a timer and then saying 3 things in a certain category. It sounds simple but it is not that easy to play. This is where the ‘5 Second Rule’ comes in. The players have to say the three items within five second, which is just how much time the timer allows. Here is an example: a player selects a card that says: ‘name 3 different types of hats’. Next, the player has to do this in a matter of 5 seconds. The funniest part is that a lot of people buckle under the stress, want to succeed fast and end up saying random jibberish.

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Detailed information about 5 Second Rule: A Party And Family Game

5 Second Rule takes a lot of quick thinking as well as brains. In the box, there are the cards, the instruction manual, game board and the 5-second timer. The 5 Second Ruler is a game that does not seem complicated at all but it surely requires a lot of attention and concentration. The object is to get to the finish line first on the game board. This can be done by correctly answering the cards within 5 seconds!