Pokemon Nintendo Plush Pikachu Lunch Bag

There are so many products that could suit as gifts for children. But, how helpful will the gift be to them on a daily basis? As much as most promise to please them, a gift that will make it easier for daily activities will come in handy. Think of something they can carry to school and still attractive enough to impress them.

One item, the Pokemon Nintendo lunch bag would be the perfect gift for a school going child. They can pack their snacks in there and carry it easily to school or picnics. The ideal present for a birthday, this bag will surely be a daily essential for a child.

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Detailed information about Pokemon Nintendo Plush Pikachu Lunch Bag

It comes in bright yellow color with a Pikachu design. Also, it features 3D ears one on each side for detail. The bag comes with a zipper for the main pocket to fit several snack dishes. The sides have mesh pockets for bottled drinks. One detail that makes the bag unique is that it is insulated on the inside to keep food fresh for longer.

The bag is comfortable to carry for young kids. It has a long strap to carry on the shoulders. For added comfort, the straps can be adjusted to a longer length to wear as a cross body bag. Alternatively, it can be carried in the hands using the short handle.