23 And Me DNA Test Ancestry Personal Generic Service

23andMe is a genetic testing service that analyses DNA and provides a wide range of information on both, ancient relations and ancestry. 23andMe have so far analyzed information for a total of 3 million people and its closest rival Ancestry DNA have collected five times as many. However, both services offer the same kits and at a price that is almost similar. The thing is, 23andMe have something more to offer. They give their users an insight into their Neanderthal heritage. If the user’s background is of different races – for instance, both European and Asian – they will be able to get familiar with their roots.

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Detailed information about 23 And Me DNA Test Ancestry Personal Generic Service

This kit will allow the users to see their DNA relatives without using an extra fee. This is not the case with 23andMe's rival Ancestry DNA where users have to pay an extra fee to get this important piece of information. With that information, a person can get to know their relatives and interact with them in order to learn more about their roots and family tree.