Musician Theme Pen Holder

As much as you would like to give a gift that is trendy and packed with style, sometimes is essential to relate the present to the recipients’ hobbies. More, the gift should be helpful in their day to day lives. For music lovers, it would go without saying that a music theme gift would be more impressive.

This beautiful piece from Winter Worm would do the trick. It would work well as a gift for a guitar lover, or any other person that is interested in music. On this note, the occasion does not matter as long as the gift will make their day.

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Detailed information about Musician Theme Pen Holder

The décor set comes with two attached pieces with a music theme. The iron artwork is unique and can be a desktop décor items. On one end of the set is a pen holder. It is made from iron as well and finished with a sleek silver look. On the other end, there is a sculpture of a man playing the saxophone. Both pieces are attached to an iron base in the same silver finish for uniformity.

The piece of art would make so much different to a dull space not forgetting how useful it would be in desk organization. Because iron deteriorated quickly on exposure to air and light, the entire piece is galvanized to protect from such damage. Also, each part of the décor piece is attached to the other using small iron supplies such as screws and nuts.