Brick Lunch Boxes Bento for Kids

With this Brick Bento Boxes for kids, packing lunch will get on whole other level. This lunch box resembles LEGO blocks and will attract the attention of any child! The lunch boxes are really easy to use and they are quite practical. They can also be built on each other (literally!) and be stacked together too! Every parent wants to make their child happy and satisfied and with this awesome gift, they are sure to succeed in their mission. This product combines lunch boxes and LEGO’s beauty.

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Detailed information about Brick Lunch Boxes Bento for Kids

If a person is unfamiliar with the term bento, they should know that is a Japanese term. Bento boxes are traditional Japanese lunch boxes that feature small compartments that keep the food separated from other kinds of food. This kind of lunch box utilizes portion control so that few portions of food can be stored in one place. Typical bento boxes would hold rice, noodles, sushi or vegetables. This particular lunch box features various sized boxes that can all easily snap together. This way, the sandwich can be in one box, fruit in another and pretzels in third!