Super Cool LED Bike Wheel Lights

If you have someone in your life that loves riding their bike, whether they are a kid or adult, this is the perfect gift for them. These LED bike wheel lights are fun, cool, and promote safety while riding. They will be the talk of the friends and gain plenty of compliments. Each box has one wheel so remember this when ordering! This allows you to mix and match colors to your preference. Get matching colors for a great look, or mix and match for a different cool effect.

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Detailed information about Super Cool LED Bike Wheel Lights

The colors that the wheel lights come in are blue, green, multi-color, pink, red and white. Not only are these lights a ton of fun and extremely cool, they increase safety on the bike, especially for morning or evening biking. The LEDs are bright and can be seen from all angles, making you more visible to other vehicles and people on the roadways. The lights fit all sizes of tires up to 29” so you can use them for kids or adults. You do not need any tools to install the lights and there are easy to follow instructions, including a video, that you can utilize. Batteries are included with the package.