Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

This would be a great gift for any young inventors out there. It is a toy that will challenge and excite any kid. The Evo app-connecting and Coding Robot is a creative, interactive and stimulating toy for kids over 8 years! It has won the Toy Insider’s Top Holiday Toy for 2017 and the Academic’s Choice Brain Toy Award. This robot offers the children an exciting introduction to the world of robotics, coding, and engineering. This fun toy is small enough to fit into a pocket but it opens a whole world of imagination!

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Detailed information about Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

Evo can be linked up by using the Ozobot Evo App and a simple Bluetooth connection for playing games, coding and creating new paths for it. It can be customized by using different light animation and voices too. As the user's skills improve, they can even start writing their own codes with the OzoBlockly which is a free website that is connected to Evo! This purchase features a USB charging cable, one carrying pouch, one skin, four-color code markers, one playfield and an Experience pack.