Telestrations: The ‘Drawing’ Version of the Telephone Game

Do you remember those times in elementary school where your teacher would get your class together for game time? She would have you all get into a circle and then announce you would be playing the game ‘Telephone.’  The goal is to try to get the whole message back in one piece without altering the original phrase. Now fast forward to 2018. Do you think it would be fun to play a version of telephone as a party game? Well, now you can! We proudly present Telestrations: The ‘Drawing’ telephone game.

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Detailed information about Telestrations: The ‘Drawing’ Version of the Telephone Game

Telestrations is a very unique game that takes the classic game "Telephone" and brings it to a whole new level.’ As this is just like Telephone, except for the fact that you draw! The game can be played with up to 8 players. The object of the game is to basically make everyone laugh! To play, all you need to do is simply start with your own erasable sketchbook, a marker, and a word card. You should roll the dice to determine your secret word. A timer will then be turned and each person is supposed to draw their word in their sketchbook.  After that is done, players should hand their books to the person on the left and each person can take turns guessing the pictures by writing what they think is on the picture in words. After everyone is done looking at each other’s books, you get your book back and reveal how everything got all miscommunicated!