CREATURE CUPS T-Rex Ceramic Cup | Hidden Animal Inside

You have to get your friend, or a family member or a co-worker this Creature cup with a hidden animal inside just for the fun of it. It’s certainly a fun twist on the usual coffee mugs we are accustomed to, but most importantly it’s creepy, and it will always elicit a few laughs or mixed reactions the very first time someone comes across this animal cup.

Have an avid coffee drink with a good sense of humor? This cup will certainly be something fun to wake up to for their daily dose of caffeine. The cup draws inspiration from different types of animals and brings life to a normal cup of tea or coffee.

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Detailed information about CREATURE CUPS T-Rex Ceramic Cup | Hidden Animal Inside

The Creature cup features different animals from the forest, jungle and even the prehistory ones like this dinosaur cup.

This funny cup is actually functional and practical. It's made of high-fired ceramic and can hold up to 11Oz of beverage including tea, coffee, hot chocolate and so on.

The exterior color of the cup is a soft-hued cobalt blue, and the interior is nicely painted with white color. The two colors create a nice contrast with the addition of the skillfully sculptured animal inside.


Uniquely designed coffee/ tea mug

Made of high-quality ceramic material

Reveals an animal sculpture at the bottom