Magic Color Changing Dinosaur Coffee & Tea Mug

Coffee is consumed by over 1 million people each day worldwide, and that just includes the people drinking it, not how much people drink it a day. Most Americans drink, on average, three cups of coffee a day, whether it is at the start of the morning, in the afternoon, or even late at night. That being said, chances are you, your spouse, or even your next-door neighbor love coffee. We here at That Sweet Gift have found just the right gift for the coffee lover in your life! We introduce to you the  Magic Color Changing Coffee Mug!

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Detailed information about Magic Color Changing Dinosaur Coffee & Tea Mug

There are countless designs for coffee mugs, but what makes this certain mug different is the fact that it changes color! Who wouldn’t want a coffee mug like this one! Now, there are many different kinds of color changing coffee mugs. This particular one is designed with dinosaurs on the front. When there is no liquid inside, the cup will be in full color, and a key point, the dinos will have skin on. Once any hot liquid is placed inside the cup, (cold liquid will not work), the magic will take place. Right before your very own eyes, the cup will magically transform to dinos that are now extinct and have no color - it just shows the fossils.

The inside of the cup is green, as well as the handle, and then the background of the cup is white which is behind the dinos. The dino mug is not dishwasher safe, but it is microwave safe. In total, the mug can fill with 12oz of liquid. The cup is approximately 4.3 x 4.4 x 3.9 inches. It is fairly light as it only weighs about 1 pound. The cup itself is also made out of high-quality ceramic.