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The Coffee Lovers Diet: A gift for coffee lovers

Coffee lovers don’t only enjoy drinking the delicious brew; they also love to read about the bean and all the facts and fictions that revolve around their precious beverage.

The Coffee Lover’s Diet: Change Your Coffee. Change Your Life is an interesting and informative book dedicated to the coffee bean and intended to tell the consumer everything useful about the coffee bean itself.

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Detailed information about The Coffee Lovers Diet: A gift for coffee lovers

The book is written by Dr Bob Arnot, a medical doctor, athlete and coffee lover and attempts to tell the reader everything useful about the coffee bean. There is some good information on phenols and the health benefits of drinking coffee. It provides information on which brands are good and which blends to look out for. The book even provides some useful tips on how to prepare good coffee. What it isn’t however, is a revolutionary new diet book. The dietary information it contains is mostly the usual stuff churned out by the medical profession about reducing fats, sugars and carbohydrates so if you are looking for a new kind of coffee diet, this is the wrong book.

The general public has been told for many years that drinking coffee is unhealthy. The facts provided by new research show that if the beverage is consumed responsibly and properly, it can be one of the healthiest and tastiest ways to stay fit.


This is a useful book that informs the audience about the health giving properties of properly consumed coffee

Comes both as an audiobook and paperback