3D Animal Handle Mug

Just about everyone likes a favorite coffee mug, and if the mug is comic or quirky, then all the better. The customized mug appeals to the person who you really are, not just the one who deals with the outside world.

The favorite mug is something that your kids buy you for Father’s Day or Mothers’ Day to express their love and to show that they have seen past your gruff ‘outside world’ face into someone softer and more fun to be with.

The types of quirky coffee mugs available can take on many forms from witty and humorous text to a celebrity or iconic image, but one thing they all usually have in common is that they are flat and 2 dimensional and printed directly onto the mug’s surface.

This one is a unique coffee or tea mug that goes a step further.

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Detailed information about 3D Animal Handle Mug

Each cup has a brightly colored image to really show off the vivid handmade design on the smooth ceramic surface.

It also comes with a stainless steel spoon for that added extra. Each cup holds a full 15oz of liquid, just enough for the recipient to experience a welcome mug of coffee or tea.

All manufacturing materials and paints are of the highest quality and perfectly safe to be in contact with food. They are all BPA free and lead-free, the cup wall is sturdy and thick and designed to withstand all minor knocks and bangs.


Lovely ceramic mug decorated with different animals

The 3D handle is an extension of the 2D image

Food safe as well as Microwave and Dishwasher proof