Gourmet Coffee Gift Set

If you have a good friend or loved one who enjoys a cup of real ground coffee, this is the perfect gift you could buy for them. The Gourmet Coffee Gift Set from The Gift House is what every serious coffee drinker will love to receive. Each 7” x 7” x 2.25” presentation box (and you have a choice of 7 different colors tied with a matching ribbon) has a clear display panel in the lid so the recipient can see what items are inside.

Now we come to the good stuff! Inside the beautiful box, there are four packages of Gourmet Ground Coffee: There is a 2.5oz pack of Columbian Blend Coffee; a 2.5oz pack of Classic Blend; a 2.5oz pack of Diamond Blend and a 2.5oz pack of Gourmet Blend Coffee. All packs are guaranteed to contain 100% coffee and what’s more the contents of the packages are all certified Kosher so it means that everyone can enjoy this wonderful gift for the discerning lover of coffee.

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Detailed information about Gourmet Coffee Gift Set

The seven different colors available for the presentation box means you have a range of different shades to choose from if the recipient has a favorite color. If you decide to make this part of a larger gift, you will be able to manage the color scheme to ensure everything coordinates and matches the overall color scheme.

The matching display ribbon means that this presentation box is already wrapped for the festive occasion whether it be Christmas, Hanukah, a birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or just to say that you love them.


It contains four different types of coffee

Comes in seven different colors complete with clear display window in the lid and a matching ribbon

This is a suitable gift for any occasion or no occasion at all

The products are certified Kosher