Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer Fully Reviewed

How to keep the coffee cup and a favorite beverage warm is the question that every coffee drinker needs to be answered. Whether the cup is at work in the office, at college, at home in the kitchen or even next to the couch in the evening while watching television, the coffee inside always becomes cold. The usual way that most people use to warm up their cup of coffee, tea or soup is to put the mug in the microwave oven.

You know what happens there though don’t you? The person becomes distracted and the liquid boils over the rim of the cup and onto the turntable. Even if the coffee lover manages to heat up the beverage successfully, it always has that strange taste that shouts out “Microwaved coffee!”

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Detailed information about Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer Fully Reviewed

If you have a friend or relation who is habitually leaving their coffee, tea or soup to become cold because they are so busy and distracted then buy them one of these mug warmers from Disney.

The mug warmer is the perfect addition for anyone that wants to keep their beverage hot as well as being a fan of Disney’s Mickey Mouse (They also sell a Minnie Mouse mug warmer too for those who prefer Mickey’s girlfriend). The warmer unit itself is also colored red and black and has the Disney Mickey Mouse logo embossed on its side which doubles as the power light and on / off switch.

The Minnie Mouse mug is the same as the other except that it is colored in pink and black and has a Minnie Mouse image printed on the outside of the mug. Both mugs have an illuminated power light and on / off switch so the owner can see if the plate is hot or not and can turn the heater on or off as needed. The heater comes with an extra-long power cord so it can be plugged into a wall socket.


Great Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed hot beverage heater

This heater will keep hot beverages at the right temperature for drinking

This has a power light and on / off switch on the base so the user can tell if the heater is working or not