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Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle

You should be getting them tea or coffee lovers the beautiful Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle. It’s stylish and functional, what more could want in a kitchen. The kettle is powered by 1500 watts of electricity and can boil water faster than a stove or microwave. It’s glass and stainless steel design give it a sleek modern look that is perfect for kitchens. It can sit on the counter and you don’t have to worry about it looking bulky or out-of-place.


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To use it, simply plug the 360-degree rotating base into an everyday power outlet and place the kettle on top. Press the on button and wait until the water starts boiling before removing the kettle and pouring the water. Because the kettle lifts away completely from the base, this makes it fantastic for serving hot drinks at the table without having to deal with cord tangles. The kettle also has an auto shut-off function so there’s no need to worry about the water boiling away should someone forget to turn it off.