BigMouth Inc. The Original Donut Mug

Almost everyone enjoys a gag mug from which to drink their coffee or tea. And many people enjoy donuts too. Now you can have both; a gag mug in the shape of a donut. Yummy, what isn’t there to like?

This Ceramic Donut Mug from Big Mouth Inc. holds a full 14oz of beverage so you can have a comforting mug of tea, coffee, cocoa or even soup if you want. The only trouble with drinking soup is that you cannot eat a donut at the same time and not only that, one does not drink soup, one eats soup!

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Detailed information about BigMouth Inc. The Original Donut Mug

The donut mug is shaped like a chocolate ring donut covered in multicolored sprinkles, but with a bite taken out of it. On the other side of the mug are the words “mmmmm… Donuts”. Oh, and it has a handle too. It is made from good quality ceramic too so it will be strong and sturdy to use. The seller suggests, however, that the mug is not dishwasher safe so don’t try it.

This one will therefore have to be washed by hand, but as it is so special isn’t it worth it? The diameter of the mug (if it was a real donut) is 4” and the handle adds on another 2”. This is a big mug, more than enough to dunk a donut in.


It is made from strong and sturdy ceramic so there will be very little chance of any cracks appearing

This mug is just what any donut lover would love to receive

It's big enough to dunk a donut