Middle Finger on the Bottom – Funny Ceramic Cup

Fun gifts are always popular, especially with friends and family and those with whom you can let down your hair and relax. Coffee and tea mugs are usually a popular gift too as they are always useful and anyway; doesn’t everyone have a favorite mug? So how about this; the manufacturer of this item have combined a fun gift with a coffee mug to produce this risqué product that will be sought after by all your guests when they pop around for coffee. One can always get away with rude and witty comments on things like mugs as everyone has come to expect them as coffee cup decorations just like they expect gag comments on tee shirts.

This mug from Mauag has a positive message printed on the side saying ‘Have A Great Day’; there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this, so far. It is just a very pleasant way to extend the greetings of the day. Lift the mug to drink however and the closer the drinker gets to finishing their beverage, the more the base of the mug will be seen. There is an additional message for those who are still watching; a middle finger raised in salute! How great is that?

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Detailed information about Middle Finger on the Bottom – Funny Ceramic Cup

This mug is made from ceramic and is colored red with white lettering. It is one of a range of different colors; Black, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Red, and White. All the mugs have the same message and the same image, so why not buy a set?

The mugs are all made from high quality ceramic and will make a perfect gift for friends and family alike. They are stylishly made and feature a large capacity volume as well as an easy grip handle and are suitable for hot or cold beverages.


Made from high-quality porcelain

Comes in a variety of colors

An affordable gag gift that most people will appreciate