Creepy Cage Face Coffee Mug

The internet is a fun place to be. Once you log into any of your favorite social media platforms, you are more likely to come across several memes that will either make you laugh hysterically (or annoy you).

Over the years, memes have taken digital media by storm. They are the light of the web, and a simple catchphrase, a video or an image can easily make a meme and capture people’s attention.

Now, if you haven’t come across Nicolas cage memes, then you must be new to the internet world. The Oscar-winning actor is famous for his over the top facial expressions when acting, which includes eye – bulging and grimacing performances.

His theatrical acting style has not only made him become the face of most internet memes but you also more likely to come across fun merchandise portraying his acting character in the most humorous and quirkiest ways.

And as luck would have it, we have a Nic Cage themed prank gift idea for the most deserving person in your quirky gift list.

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Detailed information about Creepy Cage Face Coffee Mug

Just like the man it portrays, this mug is undeniably distinctive. It's a true conversation starter and will definitely give everyone a good laugh, including the recipient.

The fact that it has Nicolas Cage's horrific face on it makes it one of the best gifts anyone could ever receive.

It features a high-quality print, and it is just as creepy as it appears on the picture. It won't fade even with frequent cleaning.


A quality ceramic coffee mug

It doesn't get funnier than having Cage's face on a mug!

Dishwasher and microwave safe