Starbucks Reusable Hot Cup Collection Pack

Want to share aStarbucks gift with someone special like a family member, a friend, or a coworker? Are you aware that that loving Starbucks is not just a passion but also a lifestyle?

All the best things, nicely spiced and flavored reside in Starbucks, and that’s where all the roads lead to particularly during the fall.

You know that the coffee lover in your life is completely hooked to their lattes, and they are not stopping this obsession any time soon.

So, while at it, why not make them save about 10 cents every time they visit their favorite coffee place for a refill with this pack of 6 reusable hot cups?

What else can a Starbucks fan want to have with them as they walk to work or school than a nice cup of Starbucks coffee in a reusable cool looking tumbler which they can use over and over again?

With this pack, they will not just get one reusable cup, but six of them in different vibrant colors!

This has to be the best set of cup collection that will, without a doubt, have them passing by their favorite Starbucks coffee place.

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Detailed information about Starbucks Reusable Hot Cup Collection Pack

The  coffee cups are appropriately sized and can accommodate 16oz of any beverage. Each cup has a tight snap off lid which keeps the drinks safe and also makes it absolutely easy to drink from the cup.

What makes this a perfect Starbucks summer collection is the fact that the cups come in different colors.

Each color represents different Starbucks drinks, including blue for cotton candy, white for mint, peach for mango, purple for berry and pink for strawberries and cream.


Reusable Starbucks cups

They are made of quality BPA-free sturdy plastic

Suitable for hot and cold drinks

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Available in different colors

Large sized

Come in an attractive packaging