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Coffee makes me poop – LOVE and coffee

A little humor is day-to-day instances is needed; especially in the midst of the busy days and the restless nights. If you love coffee, you can argue that nothing can compare to the relaxation you get. But, how about spicing it up with a little laughter each time you reach for your cup. Yes, by getting this funny engraved spoon, you will hardly let a smile go. The spoon is exciting and can be a lovely gift for coffee lovers.

The high-quality stainless steel spoon comes with a premium engraving. It is engraved using an industrial engraving machine, so the print remains on for a lifetime. The funny words on the spoon will have your loved ones laugh each moment they have to dissolve sugar in coffee. It is a lovely gift idea for coffee lovers and those that are into such kind of jokes.

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If you are looking to make someone laugh, get them this spoon. It is fun and also useful for the coffee sprees. As you get one for yourself, consider choosing a few more for your friends. If you like it, they are also likely to be intrigued by such funny stuff.