Starbucks Limited Ceramic Tote Holiday Christmas Tree Ornament

Everyone has that one person in their life who is not only obsessed with Starbucks but also cannot live without the chain’s caffeinated drinks.

They religiously frequent Starbucks not only for the inviting holiday drinks but also because they are loyal fans-all year-round.

You have probably heard them rant about Starbucks merchandise, particularly the holiday’s cups, and the mugs and that perhaps this is your cue to search for a fitting gift for a Starbucks coffee loverthis year.

Thankfully, we have found a gift that will not only make them beam with happiness, but also stylish enough to complement their Starbucks lifestyle at home or in the office.

The Starbucks ceramic tote bag is the perfect gift for anyone in your family, among your friends, or even coworkers as long as they live on caffeine and love Starbucks, of course!

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Detailed information about Starbucks Limited Ceramic Tote Holiday Christmas Tree Ornament

The tote is made of high-quality ceramic material. It's sturdy and durable, and just like a real tote, it has two paper handles that move smoothly up and down into the ceramic bag.

It's intricately crafted and curved with incredible details to take the shape of a tote. It looks stunningly amazing with its glossy white paint which gives it a smooth finish.

On one side, the bag features the Starbucks logo, and on the other side at the edge of the tote bag, it's etched with the word "STARBUCKS” in black.


A unique Starbucks Christmas ornament ceramic tote bag

Uniquely designed with paper handles

Features the Starbucks logo