Assorted Japanese Snack and Candy Box Set with Handmade Origami

Japan, the place we know and love where Sushi is from. The place that is a technological marvel. And lastly, the place we associate who invented origami as well as the culture that loves ‘cuteness.’ Chances are you either love Japanese food, know someone who loves it, or may have never even tried food from their culture. Japanese food varies greatly from Sake to sushi, from Hibachi to Sukiyaki there are many beloved foods people enjoy. One of the most beloved foods people in America like second to best than sushi, would be the snacks or スナック in Japanese. If you are a foodie, and especially love Japanese candy/snacks, or even know someone who would love them, we here at That Sweet Gift may have found you the perfect gift to get! We introduce to you the Assorted Japanese Snack and Candy Box Set with Handmade Origami!

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Detailed information about Assorted Japanese Snack and Candy Box Set with Handmade Origami

Each box of the assorted Japanese candy and snacks is shipped directly from Japan straight to your very own door! Boxes are well over a pound and each are hand packed with a premium selection of seasonal snacks from Japan, Dagashi (traditional Japanese candy), including Japanese DIY candy kits. There is even so much more to enjoy! Whether you enjoy salty, sweet, or even savory snacks/candy, this box has it all! Not only do you receive your snacks, you also receive a seasonal hand-made origami that will vary depending on the season you buy. Boxes will include a mix of full size and single serving sized snacks. The seasonal snacks from Japan are only exclusively not sold outside of Japan unless in this box, so that is a real treat! Not just the origami changes throughout the seasons, the actual box of snacks/candy will change as well so each box Is never the exact same! The only thing that does remain the same is that in each box regardless of season, the quantity, quality and lastly, the selection will always remain constant. The box does weigh about 1.8 pounds, but it could slightly vary depending on what is inside but will for the most part will weigh something around 1.8 pounds.