Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Strongest Coffee

Do you know a mom who just needs some extra energy for the day to take care of her kids? Do you know an office worker who needs that extra boost to make it through the next 3 meetings? Do you know a student needing some extra caffeine to stay awake and focused for exams? Thousands of people drink coffee worldwide to wake themselves up during the day, to stay focused and to get that ‘extra’ boost of energy. We here at That Sweet Gift absolutely love coffee and if you’re like us, then we have just the perfect thing for you! We present to you Death Wish Coffee!

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Detailed information about Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Strongest Coffee

Death Wish coffee is not your ordinary coffee; it’s more of a ‘fireworks show shooting off in your brain.’ We’ll explain more about that later. First, let’s talk about why it is called ‘Death Wish Coffee’ and what makes this coffee so special. Death Wish is a smooth dark roast coffee where each bean was picked to give you strong taste and amazing aroma that you will truly appreciate. A very interesting thing about Death Wish, (if you’re into organic healthy things), is that it is fully certified USDA organic, no GMO whatsoever so you know it truly is coffee. The bag has 1 pound worth of coffee grounds. So, now what makes it ‘Death Wish’? Well, it is called that for the fact of how strong and caffeinated this coffee really is. As said earlier, this is not your average joe, and the reason this coffee is so strong is because of the hand-selected beans themselves. The coffee provides you a bold yet smooth tasting cup of coffee that brings you a little ‘extra’ kick of caffeine that is for sure going to help you get your day going. The coffee is so well made - there is never a bitter flavor, every time you pour a cup it will always have a smooth taste. There are even hints of cherry and chocolate mixed into the grounds.