How To Knots Coffee Mug – Learn How to Tie Eight Different Knots

Here is a mug that offers a little knowledge while enjoying the morning coffee. This cup is printed with step by step instructions on how to tie the most common boatman’s knots and even has two lengths of rope to practice on!

This ceramic mug would make the perfect gift for the boating and fishing aficionado in anyone’s life. If they love boats of any sort, they know that tying knots is one of the most basic and important skill sets to have. This mug has step by step picture instructions on how to tie eight of the most basic knots used while sailing the high seas, fishing on their favorite river or lake, or maybe just sitting at the kitchen table working on a merit badge for scouting.

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Detailed information about How To Knots Coffee Mug – Learn How to Tie Eight Different Knots

The design of this mug is very nautical with the white and blue with clear and concise printed instructions in blue and yellow showing in detail how to tie the various knots pictured on the cup. The high-quality ceramic mug comes complete with a handle shaped like a cleat that is reminiscent of tying up a sailing vessel when coming ashore.

Also included with this gift are two lengths of rope that allows the recipient to practice up on their knot tying skills. One of the ropes is blue and the other yellow, the same colors as the illustrations on the mug itself and perfect for following along step by step and perfecting their basic tying skills. When not in use simply tie the ropes off around the cleat handle for storage.


A sturdy high-quality ceramic mug that holds over 14 ounces of hot or cold liquid

Perfect for learning the skill of tying common sailing/fishing and fishing knots

An ideal gift for the novice or expert sailing buff

Comes packaged in a unique and fun box ready for gifting