Personalized Baby Blankets: Write Something on It!

Custom Catch has created a unique gift for newborns! The Custom Catch Personalized Baby Blanket is the perfect, customizable way to recognize and celebrate the arrival of a newborn. The blanket is created out of 200 Grams per Square Meter (GSM) fleece. The 200 GSM fleece weight exceeds that of most basicblankets, which typically range from 110-180 GSM. Additionally, the 200 GSM count is an excellent blanket weight for newborns, as it will stay warm during the cooler months and not get too hot during warmer months. The fabric itself is soft, smooth and luxurious, creating an ideal tactile experience for any newborn. The blanket is trimmed with color-coordinated satin. Both the blanket and trim are completely hypoallergenic. The fabric and trim are easily cleaned and can endure countless washings. The blanket is ideally sized (36×36 inches) for a newborn.

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Detailed information about Personalized Baby Blankets: Write Something on It!

Available in pastel pink or blue, each blanket is fully customizable with up to three lines of text! Up to fifteen characters on the line (and up to ten on the second and third lines) allow for a wide range of personalized messaging. The classic combination of a first name, middle name, and date of birth, for example, is easily accommodated for a wide range of names! Nicknames, time of birth, sayingsthe options are only limited by ones imagination! The text is rendered in a classic, easily read script. Further, there are no loose threads or rough edges that might irritate the newborns sensitive skin.