First 100 Words Toddler Book

It is a joy to see your little one achieve one milestone after the other. At this age, kids can surprise you and do the unimaginable. Some will take steps before they have their first teeth and some will say a word before they can even walk.

One of the things a new parent waits to experience is the child’s first words. It may take quite a while to understand what they are saying really.  At this stage of development, it’s your role to help them learn necessary words that they can easily comprehend. Why not get this First 100 Words book? You could also gift it to someone raising a toddler.



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Detailed information about First 100 Words Toddler Book

Roger Priddy, the author, has a soft spot for children. He aims to help parents with the necessary knowledge that they often don't get from the people around them. This particular book has the first essential words you can help your child learn. The words featured in the book are basic items from around the house that babies will often come across.

This book is essential to help your child develop their communication skills. It may take a long time to learn all of the 100 words and you will probably have to go one word after the other. Eventually, your baby will start using the word repeatedly improving all the same. This book can be a lovely gift idea for a mum raising a toddler.