CandyQ Cute Cloud Shaped Lamp

If you or a friend or family member are having a baby and decorating a nursery, then this cloud face night light is a must-have. This is the perfect gift to bring to a baby shower as it is not only adorable but also extremely functional. The night light stands on its own and is shaped like a cloud. There is a cute little smiley face on it with rosy red cheeks.

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Detailed information about CandyQ Cute Cloud Shaped Lamp

This night light is battery operated and the batteries are replaceable. You cannot get to the batteries without a screwdriver so do not worry about kids getting access to them. This perfectly cute night light will brighten up any child’s bedroom, whether they are a newborn, infant, or even a young child. You can use it as a night light or maybe even as a late-night diaper changing light. It has a soft light so it will not glare. It gives off a certain ambiance that is great for sleeping, bedtime stories, or even camping or fort making. Kids and parents alike will love this night light for its functionality, usefulness, and just plain being adorable.