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VTech Musical Rhymes Book (Frustration Free Packaging)

It is never too early to start learning, but learning doesn’t have to be boring! This musical rhymes book is a great way to start teaching a child about colors and sounds and to help develop their motor skills! Totally interactive, this is a great toy that will keep any child entertained for hours.

In total, the book contains 6 unique nursery rhymes that the child can play and eventually read along with to learn the words! In addition to the rhymes, there are plenty of other fun elements in this book as well. Each page has certain elements that baby can push or slide or turn. More buttons along the side will teach baby colors and instruments!

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If you are looking for a gift for a one year old, this great book is it. Plenty of different things for them to play with and plenty of skills to learn! Both the child and his or her parents will love using this book. Do you want to encourage this child, whether it be your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, to get into music? This book is a great first step! Start with this, and soon they’ll be picking up their own instruments!