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Shoal Of Fish Hanging Mobile

Do you know an expecting mother or an expecting couple that is about to have a baby? Whether the woman is having a baby shower or not, a thoughtful gift is an excellent way to show your excitement and support for the big change coming to her life. This mobile is a perfect gift that any mother/couple would love to hang in their nursery.

The sleek design makes it a perfect gift for a more modern couple that is looking for items that are as good looking as they are practical. A mobile is an awesome item that many parents use for comforting their child, making this a perfect and practical gift.

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Detailed information about Shoal Of Fish Hanging Mobile

Complete with 8 simply designed black fish and 1 red worm, this is a totally unique mobile that is sure to keep any newborn intrigued. Designed in Denmark (and handmade!) this is a one of a kind item that is meant to always be in slight motion, something you want with a mobile. The moving elements help to soothe newborns and give them something to focus on.

Best of all, as you can imagine, any soon to be parents are busy taking care of numerous tasks each and every day to prepare for the birth of their child. The last thing they have time for is setting up and putting together items! What makes this such an excellent gift is that it is already completely assembled- all the soon to be parents will have to do is hang it up in the nursery. That’s it!