Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket with Carrier – Green Heather

This twin camp blanket from Pendleton would be a thoughtful and practical gift to a camper in your life. Even though seasoned campers usually have their gear all stocked up, it would also be a lovely gesture if you upgraded whatever they have with something better.

This twin blanket with a carrier is perfectly well made with beautiful artistry. It’s stylishly vintage, it’s gorgeous and richly inviting. Its also unique, one of its kind and will, without doubt, stand out from other similar blankets. What more, it’s a Pendleton wool product, made in the USA and beautifully bears the Pendleton logo on the strap.

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Detailed information about Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket with Carrier – Green Heather

This blanket has a classic vintage look but still brings out a rustic and contemporary outlook. It's quite amazing that you get to have both of these styles in a single item. According to Pendleton, this style was greatly inspired by the ombre stripped blankets used by the Cowboys on the backs of their sandals. They would unroll the blankets and make a camp after the end of a long a day.

Using this style, Pendleton managed to come up with a vintage looking blanket but added a touch of class and elegance that brings out the best features and makes it look gorgeously stylishly.

But style is not the only good thing that makes this blanket stand out. The blanket is made of 86% wool and 14 % cotton. This combination brings out a very comfortable, thick and warm blanket that is cozily soft.

The leather strap carriers are made of genuine leather. They are sturdy and large enough to accommodate the weight of the blanket and make it easy to carry it rolled from one place to another.


The blanket is designed with a classic, stylish vintage look

It features beautiful ombre strips

The carrier straps are made of leather and have a Pendleton logo

It's made from wool and cotton material which makes it thick and comfortably warm

Available in different beautiful colors