Anvy & Me Diaper Changing Clutch

Mommies and daddies all know the difficulties that come with having to change a baby’s diaper. Not only do they have to make sure they always have the diapers, the wet wipes, and all the other items, they also have to carry them around everywhere they go. The clutch features a stylish slim design on the outside with a lot of organized carrying space on the inside. It can hold up to 8 diapers, a pack of travel sized wipes, assorted toys, a change of clothes and a space for keys and a phone.

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Detailed information about Anvy & Me Diaper Changing Clutch

The clutch itself is made of polyester, ethylene vinyl acetate, and cotton. It is also BPA free, phthalate free and lead-free which protects your baby from coming into contact with dangerous chemicals found in certain materials. The outer flap of the clutch folds out into an extra-long, changing pad which protects the baby from coming into contact with any germs in public facilities. And the bottom of the clutch features a sturdy design so the bag stays upright, allowing you to have easier access to all the items inside.