The Godparent Book: Ideas and Activities for Godparents

Written by Elaine Ramshaw, The Godparent Book is a sweet and helpful resource for godparents who want to get practical advice on ways to better connect with their godchild as well as to simply understand and embrace their role of godparent more thoroughly. This book is all about great ways for godparents who want to spend quality time with their godchild. The book helps you to go through many different things from the time the child is born to the time the child is an adult. It helps tremendously when it comes to knowing hands-on ways of interacting with, being a positive influence for, and preserving memories with your godchild.

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Detailed information about The Godparent Book: Ideas and Activities for Godparents

This is a truly valuable resource for godparents to have if they really want to stand up to their role. It not only provides them with an easy way to preserve important memories, but it gives them many practical ideas on how to bond with their godchild and what their role in their godchild’s life can and should look like. After the introduction, this book goes over ideas on what to do around the time of the child’s baptism, how to remember that important moment and talk to the child about it, good ways to build a relationship with the child, sharing important things with the child, praying for and with the child, as well as so much more.