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Toddler Trampoline

Are you on the search for an awesome kid’s gift?

If so, you definitely can’t go wrong with this incredible choice from Little Tikes!

This is the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline and it is an amazing gift for a child that they definitely won’t soon forget. It is a fairly small trampoline, so it won’t take up a ton of space and it is considerably safer than larger versions.

It is designed for only one child at a time to use but can still be fun for kids when taking turns.

The single child use actually further increases the safety and keeps the trampoline small enough to use easily indoors. It is circular in shape and has a diameter of 3 feet.


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Detailed information about Toddler Trampoline

Another really important safety feature of this great little indoor trampoline is the specially designed balance bar.

This special balance bar connects to the bottom of the trampoline on each side. It goes up to 26.25 inches up away from the jumping surface.

It gives the child somewhere nice and safe to hold onto while they jump. It helps them keep their balance and even helps them get more height on their jumps in a safe way!

It even has a foam grip for comfort and safety, too!

The springs of the kid’s trampoline are also completely encased.

This helps to further safety and even adds to the aesthetics of the trampoline to help it look nicer in your home.


Safe for kids 3-6

Perfect for outdoors