Large Ultra Plush Personalized Teddy Bear Blanket

Babies like blankets. Babies also like plush toys. So why not combine them into one single product? Well, that is what you get with our soft and cozy Large Personalized Plush Teddy Bear Blanket! You get a toy to play with, and a way to stay warm in even the coldest of conditions.

This plush is ultra soft and has a silky smooth satin edge to make the blanket feel even more comfortable and relaxing. It is 36 inches by 36 inches, giving the blanket a large area to cover babies for years! Your little one will enjoy this blanket for a long time, even way after they have grown out of it.

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Detailed information about Large Ultra Plush Personalized Teddy Bear Blanket

This makes the best baby shower present or even a present for their first birthday! The blanket comes complete with a customizable name, and the ability to add your little one’s birthdate on it. That means that even after your child stops playing with it, it can become an important keepsake for decades to comes.

Did you ever want your little one to feel more comforted and sleep longer when they are in bed or in their crib? Well, than this Large Personalized Plush Teddy Bear Blanket will be perfect for you! The soft and warm design helps your child to feel comforted and loved, allowing them to sleep longer throughout the night. And when the child is sleeping soundly, so is the bother, so this would really be a gift for both of them! A twofer!