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Maternity Baby Peeking T-Shirt

If you look at it in another way, pregnancy is kind of funny. Expectant mothers waddling their way through the crowd, falling asleep anywhere and chomping down unusual food combinations every thirty minutes – sometimes you just can not help but laugh at these new experiences. So wouldn’t it be funnier if you took it to the next level and have them wear this hilarious pregnant shirt with a baby peeking out?

We really do think so! For the expecting mom who needs a good laugh or who does not want to take life too seriously, this baby peeking maternity shirt is a great gift that will make them excited to wear it out and flaunt to the world that their little bundle of joy is coming soon.

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Detailed information about Maternity Baby Peeking T-Shirt

It does not matter whether they are a first time mom or is giving birth to their tenth child, this cute and funny shirt will definitely be a hit on their baby shower, birthday or Christmas. Watch the future mama make new friends or start a conversation with a random person on the street when they wear this attention-grabbing shirt – because of its funny and unique design, we are sure people would appreciate and have a little chuckle when they see it. What we really love about this shirt aside from the baby peeking out is how comfortable it is.


Comfortable and lightweight

Funny and witty design perfect for mamas who are about to pop


Sizes tend to run small, so we suggest ordering a size up