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Ancaixin Baby Balance Bicycle

Searching for the perfect gift that will get your child or grandchild moving around and playing instead of sitting around watching TV? This balance bike makes the perfect gift! Perfectly safe, and tons of fun, this bike is the ultimate fun toy that will help baby gain more balance while having a ton of fun.

You might be thinking that a bike is not the right gift idea for a little one, but this balance bike was developed to be incredibly safe. Designed for children between the ages of 10 months and 24 months, it has plenty of safety features and is totally stable. With 4 wheels, you don’t have to worry about the bike tipping over and limited steering also helps ensure baby will always stay upright! Baby pushes off with their feet, no pedals, making it a perfect first bike for them to play with and learn on.

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Now for the fun stuff - what color will you choose? Choose between pink, blue, orange, pink duck, white yellow, or yellow duck! The pink and yellow duck models feature cute designs on the bike itself in addition to the color. Perfect for little boys and little girls, this is a great birthday gift for someone turning one, or makes for a great Christmas gift, or a gift to start off the summer! They will want to hop on this bike and get rolling right away!