Welcome Little One Board Book – by Sandra Magsamen

Welcome Little One is a book designed for babies and young children so that you can share your intimate feelings of when they came into the world. It contains such heartwarming lines and great visuals such as “On the day you were born, it was love at first sight. We welcomed you, little one, and held you so tight.” The board book design makes it great for young children as well, who may have a little bit of a harder time turning the pages of a typical book.

In this fast-paced world, many parents don’t take the time out of their busy days to sit down and spend time with their children. So Welcome Little One is a great way to rekindle the bonding that a parent and child should have. It will also bring nostalgic memories to many of when their own parents would read them stories.


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Detailed information about Welcome Little One Board Book – by Sandra Magsamen

Just imagine, sitting on the bedside with your little one tucked in, reading them this heartfelt and loving story. You will love the message of the book, and your baby will enjoy the bonding time that you share with them. This makes a great book to gift for baby showers as well, as many expecting mothers will enjoy the thoughtful and loving book that they can use for their baby. It will also show your expecting loved one that you truly care.