Baby Sleep Aid

The amount of stuffin a crib can add up quickly: blankets, stuffed animals, padding, a sound machine, even a night light! All of the stuffcan make it difficult for the baby to find a comfortable spot, let alone move around. If the baby isnt comfortable, it makes falling asleep difficult, leading to long nights for both the baby and the parents! Reduce the clutter with this amazing, multi-purpose sleep aid that is sure to help babies sleep safe and sound!

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Detailed information about Baby Sleep Aid

The Bubzi Soothing Sleep Owl is an adorable stuffed owl that has a wide range of features designed to help soothe and relax the baby, thus helping them fall asleep. The owl can play ten different lullabies and soothing sounds. It also includes a natural birdsong, and a heartbeat sound. It automatically stops after thirty minutes, so parents dont have to interrupt their sleeping infant to turn it off. It can also project a star pattern on the wall or ceiling. The projection fades into different colors to provide a soothing and relaxing display. The volume is adjustable, and the lights can be turned off without interfering with the music.